Kriss akabusi appearing in a commercial photography shoot for V healthcare system. Kriss is stood holding out both hands in front of the counter in rowlands pharmacy

Commercial Photography National Advertising and Brand awareness Campaign Featuring Gold Medal winning Athlete Kriss Akabusi MBE

kriss akubusi on a poster for v healthcare systems national advertising campaign with commercial photography by neilson reeves photographyNeilson Reeves commercial photographers Manchester were proud to be commissioned by V Healthcare Systems to shoot a national advertising and brand awareness campaign. The V Healthcare System chose former olympic and world championship athlete Kriss Akabusi MBE as the figure head of this national advertising and brand awareness campaign. Working with Kriss in both studio and on location was a pleasure. Kriss is great in front of the camera and has a wonderful way with people. The location work was carried out in a quite a public place and it was great fun to see how Kriss responded to friendly shouts of Awooga and go on Kriss. I am sure he must get heckled all the time and in my opinion it actually made the shoot better because it really brought Kriss’s smile to life, as you can see from the photograph taken outside the store. As with most commercial photography assignments the client, who is paying for kriss’s time, wants a great variety of shots in a limited amount of time.  I am happy to say we delivered both on time and within budget and the client was extemely pleased with the results and professionalism of Neilson Reeves Photographers Manchester. We sourced all models and scouted all locations as is part of our commercial photography service.

kriss akabusi smiling doing the V for victory sign outside rowlands pharmacy for national advertising campaign for V healthcare systemsKriss akabusi MBE commercial photograph for national advertising campaign V healthcare systemcommercial photography advertising v healthcare system features Kriss Akabusi inside Rowlands Pharmacy