Is Your LinkedIn Profile Picture costing you quality connections or career advancement opportunities?

The good-looking fella above is an experienced Account Manager. And, although he works for a visionary organisation and negotiates contracts worth £100,000 plus, the picture on the left was – until recently – his online calling card. Countless recruitment head-hunters will have looked at this picture over the years – how many decided he did not have the experience or authority to take on a bigger role based on his picture alone? Would they really have looked at his LinkedIn CV? Where could he be now? And – most importantly – how much extra could he be earning?

We recently captured a new headshot for his LinkedIn profile, which you can see on the right hand side. Big improvement, right? Somebody you’d hire? Definitely!

It’s an undeniable fact that first impressions matter. No matter how shallow it might sound, as a global society, we do judge books by their covers and we do make business decisions based on the face we are greeted with. And in an increasingly global market, more and more business transactions are taking place without the two parties ever actually meeting each other in person.

As a result, your professional online profile picture is now your shop window. In order to keep up with fierce competition and ensure you don’t lose business, it’s essential that your shop window is attractive and inviting.

However, too many individuals and businesses neglect the crucial role a high-quality photographer can play to their online profile pictures. Although most people do have LinkedIn profiles and spend significant time describing themselves and gaining recommendations, the photography side is typically neglected. All this communicates is that the job is half-finished, which reflects badly on yourself and also on the company you currently work for.

Common LinkedIn Profile Picture Mistakes

  • Sending out the wrong signal

    If you rely too heavily on recommendations, you can run the risk of giving away your reputation to someone else. For example, you may have earned a reputation for being warm and friendly, but if your profile picture communicates the exact opposite, there’s a chance your potential customers will assume that the two descriptions don’t match and they’ll look elsewhere. You need an image that works in harmony with your digital personality.

  • Incorporating humour

    Especially common amongst the younger generation, posting pictures which demonstrate a sense of humour or a “life outside of work” can have the best intentions, but wreak all kinds of damage on your reputation. In the world of business, humour isn’t important. Friendliness, yes; approachability, yes; but when it comes down to it, a prospective client will want to know your mind is firmly on the job at hand.

  • Not being consistent

    Another common error is not coordinating your profile picture between your different social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). If you don’t command consistency on each picture, you might have built up a reputation on one and have equally exemplary work on display on another, but people will fail to realise that both profiles are one and the same and so will not discover your full potential.

  • Not coordinating with your team

    Choosing a standardised portrait or headshot style and background throughout the company you work for can allow prospective clients to recognise who you work for at a glance. Such recognition is the cornerstone of brand marketing and could earn you vital business that you would otherwise miss out on.

The Solution

Avoiding these pitfalls will allow you to maximise your attractiveness to prospective clientele and could multiply your earnings as a result. At Neilson Reeves, we know what goes into making up a successful headshot which exudes confidence and ability.

And if you connect with us on Linkedin and read over 22 recommendations you will also see that not are we great photographers but we make the process painless and fun, even for those who hate having their pictures taken

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