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How to Look 10 Years Younger in Your Corporate Headshot

The old adage might be dated but it’s still just as true as ever – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In fact, in today’s increasingly digital-centric world, where many business transactions take place without the two parties ever actually shaking hands, it might even be more so. As such, it makes sense to make sure that your corporate headshot stands out from the crowd.

If you can’t believe that three simple tips could make you look  younger, take a look at these two corporate headshots with the Managing Director of Duff & Phelps, Paul Clark. The corporate headshot on the right was actually taken a couple of years after the corporate headshot on the left, which needless to say, was not taken by us.

2 pictures of same person side by side to show how one looks younger than the other

How can you make sure you look your best when it matters most? Simple! Follow these top corporate headshot tips from the best in the business and you’ll be sure to market yourself in the best possible light – literally.

  • Lighting

    Have you ever noticed how great you looked in that new shirt when you try it on in the store fitting room, but once you got home, you and the shirt lacked the pizzazz it had offered beforehand? Or how towards the close of an afternoon spent sipping cocktails on the beach on holiday, everyone suddenly looks more attractive? No, it’s not the alcohol (although that can’t hurt) – it’s the lighting.

    Lights have a myriad of properties which can accentuate your features kindly – or not so kindly – depending on the situation. Here are some of the basic qualities which will affect the way you appear in your corporate headshots:

    • Hardness/Softness. A hard light, such as bright sunshine or a single powerful bulb, will create deep shadows, accentuating wrinkles and drawing attention to unsightly bags under eyes. Soft lights can do wonders to cover up such imperfections.
    • Intensity. A more powerful light source can impart impetus and drive onto your face; a weak one can make it look wan, washed out, weary.
    • Colour. An oft-neglected quality of light, the colour can have a huge impact on how you are portrayed. For example, white light can highlight the paleness of skin, while yellowy hues can bring out a vivaciousness and verve that catches the eye.
  • Professional Photography

    Of course, the tools of the trade are vital in corporate headshot photography, but equally important are the skills of the man behind the lens. An accomplished photographer will not only know all of those aspects of lighting listed above inside out, but also be a master at manipulating them to bring out the best in your own natural aestheticism.

    Furthermore, an affable personality is necessary to put the subject at ease, making for a more relaxed and natural-looking corporate headshot. Just being yourself can do wonders for your image in the eyes of a prospective client, since they will be more inclined to trust you and want to work with you.

  • We never need to Airbrush

    At Neilson Reeves, we understand the finer points of crafting a truly head-turning corporate headshot. We are master of all of these disparate elements, drawing them together to create natural, youthful-looking portraits which can get your foot in the door and your name on the table. And the best thing about it? There’s no airbrushing!

    The practice of airbrushing has become more and more commonplace over recent years, and while it may have fooled the untrained eyes to begin with, these days it can be easily spotted and can become an awkward point of contention. We circumnavigate the need for airbrushing through the simple manipulation of light – along with playing to the strengths of each individual profile and working to put the subject at ease – to create the finest corporate headshots possible.

We can Even Find the Best Light Outdoors

2 headshots of the same lady side by side to one she looks younger

What Next

Why not book a holiday in our studio today? We can take you back to that cocktail-fuelled afternoon on the beach by filling those wrinkles with lovely warm light – just don’t expect to leave with the same tan! Take a look at our corporate photography services or get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

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