staff and managers from rowlands pharmacy stood in front of liverpool anglican cathedral before sponsored abseil NSPCC

Rowlands Pharmacy Scaling New Heights for Charity

staff from rowlands pharmacy stand in front of liverpool cathedral before abseil

Andy Gemmel Steve Charnock David Young, Sarah Gower, James Allen, Andy , Black, Susan Black, Mike Johnson, Vicky Wilson

As part of their ongoing charity appeal for the NSPCC the staff and managers from Rowlands Pharmacy scaled new heights to raise an additional £1250 for the NSPCC. Most people who are new to abseiling usually start off on an indoor climbing wall about 20 ft above the ground but not the team from Rowlands. They decided to abseil from one of the tallest and most imposing buildings in Merseyside, Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. And as you can see from the pictures the weather was not exactly what you would call pleasant. The team of intrepid explorers are :

Andy Gemmel
Steve Charnock
Neil Stewart
David Young
Sarah Gower
James Allen
Andy Farr
Kenny Black
Susan Black
Mike Johnson
Vicky Wilson

And a special Mention goes to James Allen who was so laid back about the whole thing he actually did it in his Pyjamas!

mike johnson abseil off liverpool cathedral

susan black abseil liverpool cathedral for NSPCC

neil stewart abseil liverpool cathedral for NSPCC

Neil Stewart abseil off liverpool cathedral for NSPCC

kenny black abseil liverpool cathedral

kenny black abseil liverpool cathedral nspcc

mike johnson asends liverpool cathedral

mike johnson abseil liverpool cathedral for nspccabseiling liverpool cathedral

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  1. Andy Farr
    Andy Farr says:

    I could smell your fear Mike…! Saying that though, it could of been my fear!!!

    Perhaps we should introduce the rest of our abseiling peers to ‘extreme fishing’ – now that’s hardcore stuff right there – sorts the men from the boys alright..!!!!

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