George Samson jumps on fisheye image

The World First 360 Degree Hadouken

2013 was a year of viral photography and video trends such as The Harlem Shake, The Selfie and the Hadouken. People and organisations across the world joined in these trends and created their own versions from homes, offices and recreational spaces across the globe. At The Sharp Project we certainly made the most of all these trending social themes and in particular The Hadouken. After surfing the internet and seeing lots of 2 dimensional images created by people all over the world, even Arsenal Football club did one, we decided to go one better and create The World First 360 Degree Hadouken.

How we created the worlds first Panoramic 360 Hadouken

Armed with a 8mm Fisheye lens, a panoramic tripod head, 4 chairs and 20 willing volunteers we set about creating the worlds first 360 degree hadouken. The circular panoramic you see when you press the button below was created by take 4 shots each 90 degrees to each other with a 8mm Fisheye lens sometimes called a full circular fisheye. These images were then stitched together using panoramic stitching software that created a photosphere. This is then published to HTML 5 and uploaded to a web server and placed on its own domain. Google use similar technology to create their street view product.

George Samson and Chesney Hawkes

One of the best things about The Sharp Project is you never know who your going to bump into. I think most people would be intrigued if they walked past us in the process of shooting this because, 4 people trying to jump up in the air and lift their feet into a karate kick while being photographed is quite a spectacle. So it’s hardly surprising we attracted the attention of Chesney Hawkes, who happened to be passing on his way to shooting a commercial. Chesney was even more impressed when we told him it was the world first One and Only hadouken he was well impressed and could he write the theme tune.

Another surprise guest was street dancer George Samson. Most people know George as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent and will testify this guys is light on his feet so the ideal person to help. George kindly agreed to help testing but was unable to attend the main shoot due to performance commitments

George Samson jumps on fisheye image

George Samson helping to test camera and lighting for Hadouken

Chesney Hawkes and Photographer Colin Boulter

Chesney Hawkes and Colin Boulter


Jennie McAlpine opening the Sanctuary moss side manchester

The Sanctuary Manchester Launch Event Photography with Jennie McAlpine

Jennie McAlpine opening the Sanctuary moss side manchester

Have you ever had a Panic attack or felt really low or depressed and wondered where to turn

Hopefully not but lots of people do. Tonight myself and Actress Jennie McAlpine, who stars in the UK’s most popular soap opera Coronation Street, volunteered our services, along with some other community spirited organisations,  to open a new community project called “The Sanctuary”. The sanctuary is an out of hours service for people who have had mental episode and have nowhere to turn. Most of the time people who find themselves in this situation call the police or turn up at accident and emergency putting a huge strain on these resources, when all they sometimes need is somewhere to go to calm down until the morning when all support services are available.

The Sanctuary Kath Locke Centre Moss Side Manchester

The Sanctuary is an ‘overnight, every night’ service providing a place of safety and support to adults feeling at crisis point and living with difficulties such as panic attacks, depression and low mood. The service provides high quality, non-clinical support in a non-stigmatising manner.The sanctuary launch eventJennie and tony mcalpine Jennie Mcalpine opening the sanctuary manchesterThe sanctuary launch eventThe sanctuary launch eventThe sanctuary launch event Jennie mcalpineJennie Mcalpine cuts the ribbon to open the sanctuary mancheserInside the sanctuary manchesterJennie Mcalpine cuts the ribbon to open the sanctuary kath lock centre manchesterinside the sanctuary manchester

Take A Virtual Tour of The Sanctuary – Please Read Before taking the tour

The big button below this paragraph will allow you to take a virtual tour of The Sanctuary but before you press it please read these bullet points:

  • Sometimes different web browsers, mobile browsers or firewalls can effect the tour. Should you encounter a problem try to use another browser or device.
  • If you press the button and you get a browser message try to copy and paste the URL below the button directly into the bar at the top that displays web address.
  • If everything works OK you will be taken to the tour. When you arrive it is sometimes zoomed in close so use your mouse wheel or the zoom out arrows at the bottom of the tour to get a sense of space and perspective. You can then use you mouse to look around the tour.
  • The Tour works great on IPAD and you use your fingers to zoom in and out and to navigate

[button link=”” size=”large” color=”blue” rounded=”true” ]Take a Virtual Tour of The Sanctuary[/button]

Sunset over Kefalonia

Landscape and Travel Photography Kefalonia or Cephalonia

One of the downsides to being a full time professional commercial photographer, and there isn’t many, is I spend all my time shooting client briefs and find it difficult to find the time to indulge my passion for landscape photography. Most of us struggle to strike a balance between family, work and hobbies but because landscape photography is such a time consuming activity it is even more difficult. These days the only time I can truly indulge my passion for landscape photography is on holiday and I am lucky enough to have a wife who also shares my passion for scenic beauty. This year after a recommendation from a friend and a distant memory of a movie I watched some 15 years ago we chose to go to the Greek Island of Kefalonia or Cephalonia depending on where you come from. These are the images I captured during my limited stay on this beautiful island.

Landcape Photography Assos Kefalonia

The small, stunningly beautiful setting and perhaps the most romantic location on the island of Kefalonia. The Assos headland is on the west coast of the island with the hamlet nestling in its horse-shoe shaped harbour. The whole area is encompassed by breath taking coastal scenery of rugged white rocks and turquoise sea with hillsides covered in forests of cypress and pine.

The village of assos Kefalonia photographed from path leading to fortress

Assos on the Greek island of Kefalonia or Cephalonia

Professional landscape photograph of Assos Kefalonia

Assos on the Greek island of Kefalonia or Cephalonia

Assos on the Greek island of Kefalonia or Cephalonia

Assos on the Greek island of Kefalonia or Cephalonia

Landscape Photography Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia is ranked as one of the top 5 most beautiful beaches in the world. The first image here is the view of Myrtos beach that is the most popular because it is taken from a lay by where all the coach tours depart for photo opportunities. To get the other images I had to spend some hours walking and climbing the surrounding cliffs looking for the perfect view point.

Myrtos beach professional landscape photography

Myrtos Beach photographed from the tourist view point

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia photographed from a different view point

myrtos beach kefalonia professional landscape photography

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Landscape Photography Fiskardo or Fiscardo Kefalonia

After some initial holiday research about the island of Kefalonia we decided to use Fiskardo as a base. It is the northern most Port in Kefalonia and has easy access to the vast majority of the islands beauty spots and attractions. We stayed in the Hotel Almyra which sits just outside Fiskado and offers stunning views of the port, mountains and surrounding areas. In addition to the views and easy access to Fiskardo and surrounding areas the Hotel Almyra is a beautiful hotel both inside and out with great service and friendly efficient staff.

view from 2nd floor room of Almyra hotel kefalonia looking out onto Fiskardo Bay

View from our Room 2nd floor Almyra Hotel Fiskardo Kefalonia

Fiskardo bay photographed from the road on the way into Fiskardo

Fiskardo Bay Kefalonia Shot from the Road into Fiskardo

Fiskardo bay kefalonia landscape photography

Firskardo Bay Kefalonia Early Morning Light

Firskardo Bay photographed from the 3rd floor room alymra hotel kefalonia

Moonlight over Fiskardo Bay Kefalonia

The port of Firskardo view of moored boats and restaurants

The Port of Fiskardo

fiskardo bay photographed from the lighthouse looking into port

Firskardo Bay Photographed from the top of the lighthouse

Subterranean Lake and Cave of Melisani – The Cave of Melissani -Kefalonia

No visit to the beautiful island of Kefalonia would be complete without a visit to the Subterranean Lake and Cave of Melisani. I explained to the ferryman that I wanted to take some pictures but the rocking of the boat and the low light in the cave would make it difficult so he agreed to drop me off on the island in the middle of the lake (not sure if he was supposed to). This image is a blend of 5 different exposures merged together to create on picture using a technique called HDR.

Subterranean Lake and Cave of Melisani - The Cave of Melissani - Lakes And Caves

Subterranean Lake and Cave of Melisani – The Cave of Melissani Kefalonia

 (Colin Boulter)

Greek Church Sami Kefalonia


Take a 360 Virtual Tour of the inside of the Church in Sami Kefalonia