Manchester Dogs Home 2015 Calendar Behind the Scenes Film

The Day before Halloween, Photographer Colin Boulter, his team of young people sourced from Sharpfutures and a team of other willing volunteers and owners of ex Manchester and Cheshire Dogs home rescue dogs spent the day in Tatton Park Cheshire, shooting photographs of the Dogs for a 2015 Calendar. This short film showing behind the scenes and how we photographed and interacted with these wonderful dogs that feature in the very first Manchester and Cheshire Dogs homes 2015 Calendar.

Why the Calendar is being Produced for Sale

September 11th (2014) the Manchester Dogs was set on fire, killing 60 dogs in the adoption unit and injuring many more. Since the fire a task force of volunteers has been set up to raise money to rebuild the Dogs Home and to put in place some sustainable fund raising initiatives to ensure the Dogs Home can continue to provide a home to the many hundreds of rescue dogs it helps each year. The first stage of the fund raising was to raise money to cover the cost of the clean up and rebuild and following a very successful campaign by the Manchester Evening News and a great outpouring of public support the Dogs home now have the funds for the rebuild. The second stage of the fund raising strategy was to find ways to raise regular income streams that can support and sustain the Dogs Homes well into the future and try to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

The Mail on Sunday says they are The Cutest Pin-ups Ever


How you can Help out and Support the Dogs Homes

The Dogs Homes really need your help to raise money or give your support in some other way and here’s how you can help:

  • Buy one or more of the Manchester Dogs Homes 2015 Calendars, they make a great Christmas Gift for friends and family
  • Become a reseller of the Calender through your shop, club, school and workplace etc
  • Make a small donation to the home
  • Volunteers as a fund raiser
  • Follow the instructions below



George Samson jumps on fisheye image

The World First 360 Degree Hadouken

2013 was a year of viral photography and video trends such as The Harlem Shake, The Selfie and the Hadouken. People and organisations across the world joined in these trends and created their own versions from homes, offices and recreational spaces across the globe. At The Sharp Project we certainly made the most of all these trending social themes and in particular The Hadouken. After surfing the internet and seeing lots of 2 dimensional images created by people all over the world, even Arsenal Football club did one, we decided to go one better and create The World First 360 Degree Hadouken.

How we created the worlds first Panoramic 360 Hadouken

Armed with a 8mm Fisheye lens, a panoramic tripod head, 4 chairs and 20 willing volunteers we set about creating the worlds first 360 degree hadouken. The circular panoramic you see when you press the button below was created by take 4 shots each 90 degrees to each other with a 8mm Fisheye lens sometimes called a full circular fisheye. These images were then stitched together using panoramic stitching software that created a photosphere. This is then published to HTML 5 and uploaded to a web server and placed on its own domain. Google use similar technology to create their street view product.

George Samson and Chesney Hawkes

One of the best things about The Sharp Project is you never know who your going to bump into. I think most people would be intrigued if they walked past us in the process of shooting this because, 4 people trying to jump up in the air and lift their feet into a karate kick while being photographed is quite a spectacle. So it’s hardly surprising we attracted the attention of Chesney Hawkes, who happened to be passing on his way to shooting a commercial. Chesney was even more impressed when we told him it was the world first One and Only hadouken he was well impressed and could he write the theme tune.

Another surprise guest was street dancer George Samson. Most people know George as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent and will testify this guys is light on his feet so the ideal person to help. George kindly agreed to help testing but was unable to attend the main shoot due to performance commitments

George Samson jumps on fisheye image

George Samson helping to test camera and lighting for Hadouken

Chesney Hawkes and Photographer Colin Boulter

Chesney Hawkes and Colin Boulter


The ghost of christmas past

The Ghost of Christmas Future at The Sharp Project

A Gothic Christmas collaboration from tenants at The Sharp Project

A green screen, a model, a make up artist,  two photographers and a camera tech plus some expert lighting…

Why? Spotted late at night in and around The Sharp Project, sometimes around the mocap studio, the ghost of Christmas future returns to try and find that elusive source of source code…

Where? Stage One at The Sharp Project, Newton Heath, Manchester, UK….

What? A good question – from the future definitely but Gothic enough to be from a long way past, pre-protocol suite for sure too.

How? An afternoon spent collaborating with Nielsen Reeves, Mocapone, SharpFutures, ELP Manchester, <<<make up artist company name>>>,   Future Artists (?) in the dressing rooms and Stage One at The Sharp Project.


[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”109238321103705156025″ ualb=”5956092596619080145″ imgl=”fancybox” style=”vertical” size=”800″ num=”6″ shadow=”1″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]

Spotted: The Ghost Of Christmas Future (& he’s brought the weather…)

By watching the video you’ll have seen how the image was put together – part expert application of make up, part green screen, part creative direction for composing and lighting – see below for stills on how it all came together:


[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”109238321103705156025″ ualb=”5956563295335543105″ imgl=”fancybox” style=”vertical” size=”800″ num=”1″ shadow=”1″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]

Many thanks for all involved and of course, a very happy Christmas to you whether you’re in past, present or future.

Credits on production:

Creative director and Director of photography:

Colin Boulter / Nielsen Reeves

Filmed and edited by Joanna Pomfret

Model is Hogan Borrows, Mocapone

Hair & make up by

Stage One lighting
ELP Manchester

Production runner & additional filming
Thomas Rothwell, SharpFutures

Filmed at The Sharp Project, Manchester, UK

Soundtrack credits:

XXXXXXX by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


The Sharp Project Tenants do the Harlem Shake for Comic Relief

Comic Relief, the time of the year when everyone goes a little bit bonkers all in the aid of raising money for charity. So what better to do on a lovely Friday morning in Manchester than indulge in a little bit of fun. Watch the video below to see what we got up to: Yes it’s the Sharp Project Comic Relief Harlem Shake! Awesome huh?

We couldn’t resist doing our own version of the current YouTube craze, and thanks to everyone who joined in – we couldn’t have done it without you. The Sharp Project is an awe-inspiring place to work located just 10 minutes from Manchester City Centre. We’re a hard working and talented bunch of companies all working in the digital sector – when we’re not having fun like this of course 🙂 Please click here to donate to our Red Nose Day Fund Raising page, and play your part in raising money for those who need it the most.

Donate to Comic Relief Here please



Now, time to get our thinking caps on and decide what we should get up to next….