Actor headshot featuring Lana O'kell

Featured Actor Headshots and BIO Lana O’Kell

Lana is a northern actress who has worked across the UK and in the USA. Starting out in radio dramas, she has since worked on stage, television and film. Proficient in both comedic and dramatic roles, she is currently filming a period piece in Manchester and is looking forward to working on an indie project in Belfast this coming summer.

Testimonial About our Actor Headshot Service

Headshot sessions always have me apprehensive, for whatever reasons, and my experiences in the past have been extremely varied, and definitely hit and miss. Yet, with Colin I felt immediately at ease and would have to say it’s one of the best shoots I’ve had. A really lovely atmosphere, and efficiently and very professionally done, the final product was great and I found myself spoilt for choice in choosing final shots.

 (Colin Boulter) (Colin Boulter) (Colin Boulter)

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Actor headshot wass javed Wass is a kashmiri Actor

Actor Headshots and BIO Wass Javed

Short Biography

Wass Javed is an enigmatic actor who has been trying to make his name in the industry for the past four years, he has a willingness to learn and an inner presence that sets him apart from his peers and I am confident that we will be seeing much more of him in the very near future and in the years to come. Agent Jack Pybus

 (Colin Boulter) (Colin Boulter) (Colin Boulter) (Colin Boulter)

Testimonial about Actor Headshot Photographer Colin Boulter owner Neilson Reeves

Working in an industry that is extremely competitive, I required head shots that would not only be true to me but would ensure I would be seen in a positive light Through Colin’s skills and passion for photography this has been achieved. I cannot recommend his service enough.

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