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Construction photography is an investment in the future of your construction company. By showcasing the quality of your work and demonstrating your company’s capabilities, you can attract new clients and build a stronger brand.

Our Service

Construction photography is a specialised process that captures professional photography of construction sites, workers, equipment, and finished sections of a construction project and architecture. To capture these images safely, the photographer must understand site inductions, health and safety, wear full PPE when required, and ensure those around him have the correct PPE before taking pictures. Our service includes: 


Medium format 50-100 million pixels professional photography expertly applied to create stunning images of your people, process and projects.

Shoot Planning

Construction photography shoot planning is a vitally important aspect of professional image creation. Architectural projects and people look better at certain times of day in the right light and weather conditions.


Correct flaws and imperfections in photographs, as well as improve the overall look and feel of the image—adjust colours for a seamless blend with your brand colours and design.

Image Delivery

Clients have access to our cloud-based image delivery portal, allowing them to download their photography anytime, anywhere and in high resolution for print or low resolution for websites.

Your People

Great people photography on your website and marketing material gives potential customers a sense of the scale of your business and the diversity and expertise within your teams. Our mobile photography studio can help you show off your managers, uniformed operational staff and back-office people in a way that oozes professionalism and personality, gaining trust from clients and inspiring new employees to join.

Your Process

Whether you are documenting a new building being built from the ground up or capturing the progress of a renovation project, there are many ways to tell the story of construction work through images. Images tell the story of the production process, the specialist equipment you use, how safe you are and the diversity of the people doing the work.

Your Projects

The type of construction projects a builder undertakes can reveal a great deal about their company and its capabilities. Project size and complexity: Large, complex projects typically require a builder with substantial resources, including experience, personnel, equipment, and financing. If a builder consistently takes on large-scale projects, it suggests they are a well-established company with a good reputation. Your projects need great photography to capture them in their best light and bring the building to life in a way CGI never can.

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