Full Gallery of images delivered to a customer

Event Photography taken at the Studio Manchester during NGA Conference with Guest Speaker MP Nicky Morgan

A full gallery of conference photography taken during the National Governors Association annual meeting held at The Studio Manchester. The gallery contains lots of images of key note speaker, cabinet minister Nick Morgan, the audience reaction to speakers, room shots, photos of people networking and we’ve captured lots of shots of the break out workshops. At Neilson Reeves we believe in complete  transparency and are so confident in our abilities as event photographers we show full galleries and not just random samples of our best shots. We hope this helps you to decide if we can provide the image quality and style you are looking to achieve at your event.


We never Miss a shot

Event organisers who need great shots networking, collaborating or working together

Getting great shots of people chatting or working together takes great skill and timing. Trying to get a shot where all expressions work together and nobody is grimacing, blinking or pulling a funny face as the shutter is clicked, takes skill and timing. Check out our event photography service page where you can find service and price details. Plus you’ll find lots of great shots of people networking, working together in workshops and collaborating.

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