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Public Relations Event Photography Manchester Untied Chris Smalling visits Factory Youth Zone on behalf of England Football Foundation

Full gallery of event public relations photography featuring Manchester and England footballer Chris Smalling. As part of his duties on behalf of charity, England Footballers Foundation, Chris Smalling visits Factory Youth Zone Manchester. Gallery features shots of Chris meeting young people, signing shirts and playing keppie uppie with a pair of socks. At Neilson Reeves we believe in complete  transparency and are so confident in our abilities as event photographers we show full galleries and not just random samples of our best shots. We hope this helps you to decide if we can provide the image quality and style you are looking to achieve at your event.

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Organising a Public Relations event attended by Famous Celebrity

Paying for a celebrity to attend a Public relation event or launch can be very very expensive. Or even if the celebrity has give up their valuable time to attend the event for a charity A return on investment of money or time is needed. In order to get a return on this investment you want the event to a well attended occasion and your brand or charity gets a big pay off public relations pay off. At Neilson Reeves we totally get this and aim to deliver image as memorable as your star studied event. Check out some more of our Public relations event photography and you can find prices too

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