Actor headshot photography is a type of portrait photography that focuses specifically on capturing an actor’s head and shoulders. Actors typically use these photographs to showcase their looks and represent themselves in the entertainment industry, primarily for casting purposes. They are used by casting directors, agents, and other industry professionals to get a first impression of the actor’s appearance and help determine if they would be suitable for a particular role.

Actor headshot Bayley Eyley

Actor Heashots Bayley Eyley

Studied Professional Stage Practice BA Hons at The Arden School of Theatre in Manchester. Since graduating I have played a variety of roles but took a break for the last 18 months and am now getting back into full time acting. Run a vocal coaching business that focus’ on vocal training for non-acting professionals using theatre techniques.

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actors headshott tor terence

Actors Headshots and Portraits Tor Terence

Tor Terence is a talented international actor from New Zealand returning recently from sunny California for his voice over presenting and creative producer roles on the motion picture film ‘Tahi The Human Journey’. Tor is renowned for his role as Caole Mason in the award winning NZ short South & Ocean also appearing in various NZ-produced TV programs such as Spartacus, Power Rangers, Hercules and Outrageous Fortune.actors headshott tor terenceactors headshots tor terenceactors headshot tor terenceactors headshots tor terence