Whitby Abbey Award Winning Landscape

This image of Whitby Abbey is another image I am very proud of as it was awarded the coveted Gold Award for Landscape photography from the S.W.P.P. As you can see the image has excellent depth of field and the light really brings out all the tones and textures of this iconic building. The reflection of the Abbey in the water acts as a leading line for the veiwer and really adds to the images depth and composition.

Whitby cottages

The mystery and beauty of Whitby Abbey has inspired a multitude of artists, from the exquisite watercolours of J.M.W. Turner, to the dark writing of Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula. The eponymous vampire comes ashore at Whitby – both the town and the Abbey’s majestic graveyard feature heavily in this classic horror story. This legacy has led to Whitby’s macabre yet charming reputation. There are exciting ghost walks, charming Whitby cottages (said by some to be haunted!) and Whitby Goth Weekend, a tongue in cheek celebration of gothic culture and Bram Stoker’s masterpiece.