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Medical and Surgical Photographers

Medical, Clinical and Surgical Photographers

Neilson Reeves Photography is a preferred supplier to the NHS and private healthcare providers in and around Manchester, the Northwest and England. We can help organise large or small photography shoots for small clinical practices, through to large shoots organised at trust level. For shoots that include people we can supply professional models or train and coach your own staff to appear in the photography.

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Science and Technology Photographers

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Science Photographers

Neilson Reeve Photography is supplier to the University of Manchester and our work has been published in a book telling the story about the discovery of Graphene, due to be published by Manchester University press.

Community Healthcare and Pharmacy Photographers

Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Community Healthcare

Community healthcare services can make a huge difference to the health of nation and go a long way to keeping hospital admissions down. Great photography showing people using these services both informs and motivates the public to use them.  For many years Neilson Reeves Photography has worked within community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and other community healthcare services such as physiotherapy.

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