Whitby Abbey Award Winning Landscape

This image of Whitby Abbey is another image I am very proud of as it was awarded the coveted Gold Award for Landscape photography from the S.W.P.P. As you can see the image has excellent depth of field and the light really brings out all the tones and textures of this iconic building. The reflection of the Abbey in the water acts as a leading line for the veiwer and really adds to the images depth and composition.

Whitby cottages

The mystery and beauty of Whitby Abbey has inspired a multitude of artists, from the exquisite watercolours of J.M.W. Turner, to the dark writing of Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula. The eponymous vampire comes ashore at Whitby – both the town and the Abbey’s majestic graveyard feature heavily in this classic horror story. This legacy has led to Whitby’s macabre yet charming reputation. There are exciting ghost walks, charming Whitby cottages (said by some to be haunted!) and Whitby Goth Weekend, a tongue in cheek celebration of gothic culture and Bram Stoker’s masterpiece.


glossip saddleworth landscape photogrpahy

Derwent Reservoir Award Winning Landscape

Landscape photography requires a lot of patience and taking this shot of the Derwent reservoir in Derbyshire was no exception. I had to wait for the water to be still to create the perfect reflection. I also had to wait for the light  on the woodland to show the beautiful golden autumn colours of the trees. This landscape photograph won me another Gold award for Landscape photography from the SWPP.  The reservoir is located on the A57 near to the YHA Crowden Youth Hostel

The reservoir is one of a network of reserviors between sheffield and Glossop used to train Lancaster Bomber pilots to deploy the bouncing bomb. During the war the pilots put the training into practice and breached German Dams the  Möhne and Eder. The dams were also used as a film location in the black and white film The Dambusters. By the time they remade the film in colour the war was over so the colour version of the film was actually made in Germany.

stannah think again fund june smith cycling velodrome manchester

June Smith age 73 Living the Dream

Velodrome manchester June Smith Dreams Come trueWe all have dreams in life, I know I do. One of my dreams was to be a professional photographer and as you see I have been lucky enough to achieve it. Photo shoots like the one I did today only go on to reinforce the reasons I wanted to become a photographer and I feel privileged to have a job that allows me to be there when somebody else’s dreams come true. The Stannah Think Again Fund was launched in 2007 in response to a poll conducted amongst the over 50’s that revealed only 13% feel they are achieving their life goals and two thirds regret not having pursued their dreams when they were younger. Over 50’s can apply to the Think Again Fund and one person is selected at random each month for Stannah to help make a life-long dream come true.

Today, June Smith (aged 73)-with the help of the ‘Stannah Think Again Fund’ and Peter the cycling coach at the National Cycling Centre-has achieve her lifelong ambition of cycling on a professional Velodrome track. June arrived with her friend looking quite nervous but after some expert coaching from Peter she was flying round the track faster than Harry Potter playing Quidditch. At the end June said she was surprised at how difficult it was and how the track is a lot steeper in real life than it is on television. But once she got in her stride she had enjoyed every minute of it. And to top off a great mornings cycling her second dream-to feel the thighs of cyclist-also came true during the final photos. Well Done June…you were a pleasure to photograph.

For those who are interested June is planning to set up an over 50’s cycling club in her home town in Devon. Hopefully these pictures will help to inspire other silver cyclists to join her club.



laura white performing x factor

lX Factor Laura white

laura white new pictures new photographs celebrity images

laura white x factor performance

laura white celebrity images latest pictures

 laura white performing x factor

These Laura White Photos are of X Factor contestant and Favourite Laura White performing at the Tower FM Local unsung Hero awards. Most people will remember Laura White because she was clearly the best singer competing on the 2008 X Factor but was sensationally voted out. At the time this caused outrage among fans of the X Factor and music lovers alike.

On this occasion Laura performed a version of a very difficult song Chasing Pavements by Adele and did a brilliant Job. As you can see she looked gorgeous and has bounced back from her X Factor set back by losing weight and continuing to pursue her career in the music industry where she clearly belongs. Laura has released a single and her album is out later this Year.

dovestones reservoir saddleworth award winning landscape photography

Landscape Photography Award June 2009


Saddleworth Landscape photograph-dovestone reservoir-dovestone sailing club

click to view award

This is an image I am very proud of as it won the highly coveted S.W.P.P. Gold Award for Landscape photography. The S.W.P.P. esteemed judges are highly critical and only give awards to images deemed to be of the highest standard in the country. This image went on to be published in Professional Imagemaker magazine and  has been printed and framed for a handful of discerning buyers. The image is the view from Dovestone sailing club looking out across Dovestone Reservoir Greenfields Saddleworth. The jetty in the image often moves with the wind and under current of the reservoir so I had to be patient waiting for both light and tide. My advice to anybody looking to take up landscape photography is get into the same mindset as a fisherman; be patient and aware that you may sit for hours and not catch a fish. Don’t think this is a wasted trip because although you have not come back with a great picture, you have had the opportunity to relax and to meditate on the beauty of the landscape.