glossip saddleworth landscape photogrpahy

Derwent Reservoir Award Winning Landscape

Landscape photography requires a lot of patience and taking this shot of the Derwent reservoir in Derbyshire was no exception. I had to wait for the water to be still to create the perfect reflection. I also had to wait for the light  on the woodland to show the beautiful golden autumn colours of the trees. This landscape photograph won me another Gold award for Landscape photography from the SWPP.  The reservoir is located on the A57 near to the YHA Crowden Youth Hostel

The reservoir is one of a network of reserviors between sheffield and Glossop used to train Lancaster Bomber pilots to deploy the bouncing bomb. During the war the pilots put the training into practice and breached German Dams the  Möhne and Eder. The dams were also used as a film location in the black and white film The Dambusters. By the time they remade the film in colour the war was over so the colour version of the film was actually made in Germany.