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About the Shoot

Neilson Reeves Photography partnered with ted and their Explorer Show Cast to create stunning new headshots for the team. The headshots will be used onboard the cruise ship to introduce the cast, and will also be given to each performer for them to use in their own portfolio.

The Entertainment Department (ted) are creators and implementers of original live production shows, dynamic audio visual installations, leading sports and wellbeing programmes and custom-made merchandise retail product ranges.

One of their key clients is Marella Cruises, with ted providing the entertainment programme onboard both the Marella Explorer and Marella Explorer 2. The innovative programme includes 12 breath-taking theatre shows, which are performed every night by the Show Cast in the stunning Broadway Show Lounge in front of more than 1,000 guests.

The new Marella Explorer Show Cast is a group of 12 young performers, made up of talented singers and dancers, who are about to embark the ship for nine months after a rigorous three-month rehearsal period where they have been coached by industry-leading Musical Directors, Choreographers and Vocal Coaches.

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