Mike Coombes Testimonial

Nowadays everyone who picks up a camera thinks they’re a photographer. And every photographer thinks they can take head shots. So I had taken time scouring the web and talking to others in the industry, for a good head shot photographer. From the moment I spoke to Colin on the phone I knew I’d made the right decision.

When it came time for my shoot it felt more like two mates hanging out. Some music on, having a good life. It was a great tool to help me relax, so the camera could capture the real me. Don’t be mistaken into thinking this was some sort of boys social club meet on my time. Colin was busy working away throughout.

A master of lighting techniques. I felt totally in control of the session and what I wanted in the head shots. Colin is in an elite collective of photographers who really can do head shots. Top bloke, top head shot photographer!”

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