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Samantha graduated with a first-class Honours degree in Drama back in 2013. Since then, she has gone on to perform at the Edinburgh fringe festival several times as well as taking to the stages of Glastonbury music festival with Naughty Corner Productions’ Raves R Us. Samantha is well known locally for her portrayal of Catherine Wilkinson in Arts Groupie CIC’s one-woman show: ‘Kitty, Queen of the Washhouse’, which has sold out every time she has performed it at the infamous St Georges Hall, Liverpool.

She also co-wrote her second one-woman dark comedy ‘Weave’ which had two sold out runs! As well as appearing in a couple of adverts, most recently, she recorded an audio play at The national Theatre; playing ‘May’ in ‘A Stranger in a Strange Place’ produced by Tamasha Productions. Since the pandemic, Samantha has also been part of an Improv troupe called ‘Regular Job’ who perform live regularly in Liverpool. She is currently represented by Eaglestone Management.

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