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I started in the industry without any formal training or set/stage experience. I also started when I was 38. Mum of 3 children I was ready to do something new for me. I started working as a SA to learn all the different parts of productions, crew jobs and responsibilities, terminology’s, watch other professional actors. I know I could be an actor too so joined acting classes in Manchester. I also took part in two monologue slams which were held at 53two. In lockdown 2020 I created a short film with Phil Pearson from Manchester, after he saw a clip I’d posted on social media and this inspired him to write
‘the past keeps coming’

This has been entered into many festivals and won awards. Also in lockdown 2021 I booked a day player role on AppleTv’s Suspension as an arresting detective. This year I’ve invested in two new scene with collective media who wrote the scenes as per my brief. Loosely based on The Bay and Motherland series. Then my main investment was new headshots and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Colin. I’m grateful to have met him. We worked together and my agent to nail these new fabulous pictures.

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About this actor headshot photography package

Emma chose our very popular ‘ Get Aheadactor headshot photography package.  Get Ahead is all about helping an actor get a head in the industry. Getting ahead, means getting more castings, resulting in more opportunities to get work. To help an actor get ahead we will create a great go-to or flagship headshot. This is the first headshot you see on Spotlight and your agents website. A great headshot will make a great first impression. A great headshot captures your personality, beauty, energy, character, and your confidence radiates through it. It must represent who you are, your essence, spirit, quirks, flaws, and features. But  a go-to headshot can only go so far in helping an actor get more castings. Sometimes a casting director cannot visualise an actors suitability for a part from their go-to headshot alone. This is why we create another 3 contrasting headshots for the actor with a view to expanding type and stretching playing age.

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