Claire Adele

Actor Headshot Photography and Showreel

This is a great of example of how our Heading Out  actor headshot photography package is perfect for Claire Adele who has just arrived in the UK from the Cayman Islands. Heading Out is our entry package and was perfect for Claire as she’s just staring out in the UK and needed some headshot photography to send, along with her showreel to agents, in order to get representation. Claire wisely chose our optional professional media makeup and hair package and as you see she looks amazing and I am sure she will be snapped up by an agent very soon, if she hasn’t been already.

Showreel 1 – Claire Adele

Showreel 2 – Claire Adele

Claire Adele


23 year old female actress, originally from North West England, but grew up in the warm sandy beaches of the Cayman Islands. After obtaining a National BTEC in Acting is now driven to pursue her dream in acting.

Whilst have been waiting for actor showreels, she has been exploring the modeling industry here in the UK, which has been a fun and challenging experience for her.

Claire Adele

Google Review – What Claire Said about our Service

Colin and Rebecca make an amazing team, they were so easy and fun to work with. I would recommend these guys 100 times over! If you are nervous before hand they will definitely make you feel at ease. They were so funny, if they had their own show I would definitely watch it