Peter Irving

Featured Actor Headshot Photography

This is a great of example of how our Get Ahead actor headshot photography package really works for an experiences actors like, Peter Irving . Get Ahead is all about showing your versatility and suitability for different casting opportunities. Here we worked with Peter to create a go too headshot for his agent and 3 character driven headshots showing her potential to be cast as, amongst other things; east end gangster, a lawyer/barrister and warm friendly dad type character. Find out more about Peter below and see his great showreel.

Showreel – Peter Irving

Peter Irving

Google Review – What Peter Said about our Service

I have been a professional actor for many years and I had always had my photos done in London. But in May I was staying local to the Manchester area and in need of some new headshots so I thought I would seek out the most respected Mancunian photographer for actors. The second photographer I came across was Neilson Reeves and the reviews were the best; examples of headshots were top quality, vibrant and stunning. I gave Neilson Reeves a call and the extremely friendly and dynamic Colin Boulter answered the phone and immediately put me at my ease. I could tell straightaway that he liked actors and knew how to speak their language.

I chose Package 2 the Get Ahead- Headshot Session: Colin suggested his really great HD ‘high-end’ camera for the session. This is fantastic as it allows the actor to see the shot on a big screen immediately so you can adjust expressions and lighting accordingly. The actor and Colin can discuss and adjust the lighting and positions so the actor is completely happy. Colin’s feedback is really helpful and really motivates you to perform in front of the camera and you can be reassured once you leave the studio you’ve got some great headshots.  No annoying waiting around to see the contact sheet and wishing you had tried better poses or wore different clothes.  I also glad we went outside as Colin took some great shots on location too.

I am extremely happy with my four chosen headshots and cannot recommend Colin Boulter at Neilson Reeves Photography enough.