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Software consults Ami3go is a team of 3 – incase you hadn’t figured that out – highly  experience senior IT consultants, who operate at boardroom level and  help companies realise the full potential of their software and data sources .

Ami3go approached Neilson Reeves Photography because they needed corporate cool photography they could use when communicating with their customers at each stage of the sales and service process. Their sales process usually starts at boardroom level and then once the service contract is in place,  they mostly deal with IT managers and their staff.  We decided to create 2 versions of each member of the team – a formal headshot on grey background for board level corporate communications and a relaxed smiley headshot for day to day communications with IT manager and their staff.

As you can see the corporate headshot photography achieves these goals perfectly and Ami3go are very happy with the results.

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corporate headshot grey background featuring a black man wearing an African dress and hat