How a diverse
meet-the-team page

can help you attract the best talent

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How a diverse meet-the-page
can help you attract the best talent.

As companies strive to become more diverse and inclusive, ensuring their websites reflect those values is essential. One way to do that is by creating a “Meet the Team” page that showcases the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the team members.

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A diverse “Meet the Team” page can help attract top talent from all walks of life, improve team dynamics by bringing different perspectives, and meet customer expectations for companies to value diversity and inclusion. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels valued and supported.

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The quality of photography and visual appeal of your meet the team page can also demonstrate how much you value and support your people. However, taking a quick snap on an iPhone or getting Jenny in accounts, who has a GCSE in photography, to shoot headshots of your most valuable asset is a surefire way to devalue and demotivate your team and create an inconsistent mess of a meet-the-team page.

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So if you haven’t already, look at your company’s “Meet the Team” page. Does it reflect the diversity and inclusivity that you value? What first impression is it presenting to potential new employees from different backgrounds? Do your best people look and feel their best.

If not, consider making changes to ensure that it does. Get in touch because, with our corporate headshot service, we can help you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture that benefits everyone.

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