Ian Puleston-Davies Testimonial

I was taking a coffee break from shooting a music video at the Sharp project when I was drawn to these fabulous head shots in the window of the Neilson Reeves Photographic Studio. They were really exciting and innovative.

As serendipity would have it: I needed new photographs and Colin had the time. We arranged to meet the following week for a quick coffee and a chat that lasted three hours! The deal was sealed, on the proviso that the next time we would not spend the whole session gassing like two old fish wives.

Right, so, here’s the thing…IF you are wanting a bog standard ‘sit in front of the camera and smile type of session’, I’m sure Colin can accommodate. However, he is so much more. If you want to go off piste as it were, enjoy the ride, because the moment you walk into his relaxed studio and start talking shots with him, you know you’re going to be well looked after.

The session made for an inventive, creative, ambitious time. Colin not only knows what he’s doing but he also very cleverly makes you think it’s you leading the session. A mark of a good photographer?

I believe trust is essential to get the best photographs, and right from the get go Colin puts you at ease as he explains carefully what he thinks would make the perfect photograph for both your face and your personality. It really is a collaborative process. At all times I was made to feel that my input and ideas were integral to the photo shoot.

Colin throughout the session showed me the taken pictures while we discussed how best to improve them. I even had a say on the choice of music we listened to!

Once we were both satisfied we had got the traditional actor head shot in the bag, we were able to experiment and have fun trying different types of poses in the various outfits I’d been asked to bring along (including amongst other ‘props’, top hat and cane!)

The very next day I was sent a selection. And I loved them…more importantly, so did my agent.

Needless to say, Colin has my whole hearted approval. He is, appropriately, head and shoulders above the rest. He also happens to be a genuinely lovely guy with bags of energy and a true passion for his art.

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