Holly Jacobson

Featured Actor Headshot Photography

We loved working with young actress Holly Jacobson. At just 13 this talented young actress has a string of film, tv and theatre credits to her name and has directed and produced many of her own works. Holly is amazing in front of camera, very composed and in control of her facial movements and emotions. Shooting one of our very popular Get Ahead actor headshot photography packages with Holly was great fun and we explored many characters together. My favourite being the Wednesday Adams type shot that features Holly with platted hair and a cold but enigmatic look to camera. Oh, and as if Holly’s list of talents is not big enough, she actually did her own hair and makeup and has spent many hours studying and practicing this new skill. Find out more about Holly and watch her showreel below

Showreel – Holly Jacobson

Holly Jacobson

Biography and Performances

I absolutely love acting! I did my first short film about 5 years ago when I was just seven – and I haven’t really stopped much since! I’ve been involved in some really cool projects, met some brilliant filmmakers and been inspired by other actors that I’ve worked alongside.

2015 has been a very exciting year for me so far – I have just finished filming my first LEAD ROLE in a FEATURE FILM (Yay!!!!). It was so much fun and I got to be double trouble (playing identical twins). One of the twins were autistic and it was great to explore that character in particular. I am also looking forward to another very exciting film that I can’t talk too much about yet, but am hoping to be in next year (keeping everything crossed that it goes ahead!)

Last year my family and I went traveling for six months (mega long holiday!) and so I wasn’t able to be involved in as many projects as usual. However, I was very fortunate to be cast as “Jennifer Carter” in a wonderful coming of age feature film called “A Dozen Summers” which I think is still going around festivals.

Prior to 2014 I did a couple of really exciting feature films, which have now been released at cinemas and on DVD – it was brilliant watching myself on the big screen! Several of the short films that I’ve had lead roles in have also done really well and won awards at lots of film festivals ; I have even won a best performer award at one too!!!

I’m always looking to be involved in exciting projects – if you have a role that you think might be suitable for me I’d love to hear from you about it!

Feature Flims

  • May-June 2015 – Hannah & Angel Hunt (lead roles) – My Guardian Angel – MY Production
  • March-April 2014 – Jennifer Carter – A Dozen Summers – Monkey Basket Films
  • June-July 2012 – Samantha – All Stars 3D – Ben Gregor – Vertigo Films
  • May 2012 – Alley Girl – The Invisible Woman – Ralph Fiennes – Headline Pictures
  • April 2012 – Young Jodie Webster – Consequence – Si Wall – Massive Films
  • Jan 2011 – Young Abi – Bloodline – David Easton – Fanatic Films

Short Films

  • Nov 2013 – Poppy (lead) – For My Next Trick – Thorny Devils Productions
  • July 2013 – Amy (lead) – Step Forward – Blueberry Child Films
  • June 2013 – Presenter – Positive Money – Mike Freeman – Critical Mass Films
  • Dec 2012 – Cindy – Once a Man – Asim Abassi – Illicitus Productions
  • Oct 2112 – Love: 50 Kisses – Phil Peel
  • Oct 2012 – Magdalen – Obloquy – Francisco Neffe – London Film School
  • July 2012 – Little Girl – Finding Time – Miranda Howard-Williams – Mardi Bunch
  • April 2012 – Tilly (lead) – Suckablood – Ben Tillett & Jake Cuddihy – Bloody Cuts
  • March 2012 – Violet (lead)- House of Dust – Claire Molloy – Film Circus
  • Feb 2012 – Girl (lead) – Home Invasion – Chris Beavan
  • Nov 2011 – May – Jar of Angels – Crash Taylor – Sea Vista Productions
  • Aug 2011 – Ella (lead) – The Longest Whale Song by Jaqueline Wilson book trailer – Random House
  • May 2011 – Angel with attitude – The Big Day – Lucia Cox – House of Orphans
  • June 2011 – Girl (lead) – Candy Crime – Blueberry Child Films
  • May 2011 – Tommy (lead) – “Because the Origami” by 8in8 music video – Blueberry Child Films
  • Feb 2011 – Amber – Shake it off – Sian Astor-Lewis
  • Feb 2011 – Alice – In This Style – Jake Warren
  • Dec 2010 – girl (lead) – The Road – Martin Thelwell
  • Nov 2010 – Grace Vinsel (lead) – Coalesce – Abby Walklett
  • Sep 2010 – Perfect Child – “See My Evil” by Tom Williams and The Boat music video – Ryan Owen
  • Sep 2010 – Isabel (lead) – Kitten in a Cat Trap – James Chappell


  • Oct 2013 – Holly Evidence – Freemantle for Channel 5
  • Jul 2010 – Stephen’s Niece in The Murder of Stephen Cameron – Title Role Productions for The History Channel


  • 2012 – Alice – Alice in Wonderland – Melissa Simpson – Urban Young Actors
  • 2011 – Big Mac – Johnny and the Dead – Melissa Simpson – Urban Young Actors
  • May-June 2011 – Melody – Brassed Off – Mary Jones – Little Theatre


  • May 2013 – Asda Opticians Campaign – Checkland Kindleysides
  • July 2012 – schoolgirl – Tesco – Back to School – Luke Snellin
  • Oct 2011 – lead, hero girl – Halfords Christmas Bikes – Paul Gay – Wasp Face / DKLowe
  • Sept 2011 – lead child – Air Swimmers Toy – Andrew Rutter – Wow Stuff

Kaley Jacobson

Google Review – What Holly’s mum Said about our Service

My daughter has just had her headshots taken by Colin and it was a fantastic experience. He’s great with children (and parents) and put my daughter completely at her ease. The pictures that I saw on the day were also brilliant and he really gives a lot of thought and attention to really capturing the person he’s photographing and to finding a range of versatile looks for them. We happen to live in Manchester and so it was convenient – but I think we’d travel back to have her headshot done by Colin no matter where we lived in the future!