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About Bo Bragason

Bo recently won ‘Award of Excellence’ in the short film ‘Through The Dunes’. Axe murderer in ‘CENSOR’ feature film 2021.

Other credits include: ‘Rachel’ in BBC BAFTA winning THREE GIRLS. ‘Lynn’ in JIMMY McGOWAN ‘MOVING ON’ series 9 and ‘Young Luna’ in the animated feature film FINAL FANTASY XV KINGSGLAVE. CBBC ‘CREEPED OUT 2’ ‘ITCHY’ episode 9.. Nutella worldwide commercial.

She is also a member of the National Youth Theatre

Bo Bragason is represented by Top Talent Agency 

About this actor headshot photography package

Bo chose our very popular ‘ Get Aheadactor headshot photography package.  Get Ahead is all about helping an actor get a head in the industry. Getting ahead, means getting more castings, resulting in more opportunities to get work. To help an actor Get Ahead we will create a great go-to or flagship headshot. This is the first headshot you see on Spotlight and your agents website. A great headshot will make a great first impression. A great headshot captures your personality, beauty, energy, character, and your confidence radiates through it. It must represent who you are, your essence, spirit, quirks, flaws, and features. But  a go-to headshot can only go so far in helping an actor get more castings. Sometimes a casting director cannot visualise an actors suitability for a part from their go-to headshot alone. This is why we create another 3 contrasting headshots for the actor with a view to expanding type and stretching playing age.

Short Film – Through the Dunes – Bo Bragason