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Shooting actor headshots with
Sammy Winward

After our initial consultation and some input from her agent, BWH,  we agreed to shoot Sammy’s new actor headshots in natural daylight. Finding the right kind of light to create the mood of the headshot, is where many years of experience shooting award winning landscape and portrait photography really helps. Painting a subjects face with light is what makes a headshot or portrait really pop. This skill has taken many years to master and for me is now more of an instinct or intuition.

To get the best results for actors who need high quality professional casting headshots,  I often use high tech light and cloud tracking software and suggest the best days. Manchester light and weather can be a bit unpredictable so this additional part of my service really helps an actor and their agent get the results they need to get the auditions they both want.

Sammy Windward
Biography & credits

Sammy began her acting career at a very early age and started out in musical theatre when she was just 11. She has since been working on our stage and screen for the past 20 years. Sammy’s best known for playing the character Katie Sugden on Emmerdale and has recently starred in the ITV dramas Prey and Fearless and the short film ‘Lead Belly’. Her next project is the comic drama ‘One Good Night’ at the Hope Mill theatre in Manchester’.

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