Actor headshot featuring nathan charles

Featured Actor Nathan Charles

Short Bio

Nathan is currently studying acting with the Manchester School of Acting under the guidance of Mark Hudson and has been for the last 3 years. During his time with MSA he has been involved in a short film and TV commercial. Nathan is now ready to break into the industry and is working hard and continuing to hone his skills hoping to earn a break and get some castings under his belt.

Shoot Objectives -want we wanted to acheive

Nathan came to Neilson Reeves looking for his first set of professional actor headshots to help him to find a an agent. When we shoot images for new actors we always try to analyse their look and then visualise the roles they would be suitable for. With Nathan we concluded he could be cast as a hispanic/latino gangster or prison gang member, with the addition of some tattoos of course. As you can see I think we achieved that particular look as well as showing him as much softer character.

 (Colin Boulter)

 (Colin Boulter)

 (Colin Boulter)

Testimonial About our Service

From the moment I met him he made me feel right at ease and it was as if I’d known him for years when we’d finished, with the rapport that we built up throughout the Headshots session. This allowed me to feel totally loose in order for him to experiment with different camera angles and lighting. He really embraces an Actor’s individual differences and puts no boundaries on the lengths to achieve perfection.

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